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Have you ever worked out so hard and you wanted to have a drink so badly, only to find out the bottle is quite out of reach and you don't want to break the sweet streak that you have been on since you started your treadmill walk/run?

So you push on and you aim to reach for that kilometer goal - but the thirst is almost overpowering and you wish the work out is almost over?

I get the same overpowering sensation when I received a phone call from Education NZ office in KL, the main secretariat in charge of the New Zealand Asean Scholars Award that I applied to not too long ago.

Turns out my application has been vetted and I have been selected to sit for a scholarship interview soon. The lady who called reminded me to get ready for a phone interview in two weeks' time.

The journey is now half complete, and I hope I have the strength to push on till the very end, no matter what the outcomes are.

Charles. C

Charles. C

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