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子曰: 「道千乘之國:敬事而信,節用而愛人,使民以時。」

Hanyu pinyin (Romanization)
Zǐ yuē: "Dào qiān chéng zhī guó: Jìng shì ér xìn, jiéyòng ér àirén, shǐ mín yǐ shí."

The Master says: "to rule a country of a thousand chariots, there must be reverent attention to business, and sincerity; economy in expenditure, and love for men; and the employment of the people at the proper seasons."

The Analects "论语” (read more here)

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James Legge

There are several qualities that a good and effective leader should possess: knowing how to manage the economy well and making sure the masses have self respect (through gainful and good employment), be serious and passionate about the job itself, and having great love for the people.

Unfortunately, too often have we seen and witnessed how our politicians' personal interest often trumps the well being of not just the people that they are supposed to serve but that of Mother Earth itself. Our politicians are a dime a piece; they are too eager to prostitute themselves for the riches of the earth and life's pleasure, not having any regard for their fellow men. Dare I say they will sell off their own mothers if they could?

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