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This is a sample lesson  that aims to teach noun + noun collocation to beginner learners of English; it is modified from a similar lesson idea which is available at  


As part of my training programme in London last year (2014), I had to conduct a one-hour micro-teaching session with a fellow lecturer (Ms. Gurminder) to apply what we have learned during our short stint there.

We were assigned to Westminster Kingsway College’s Regent’s Place campus. This took place on December 3rd, 2014.

Our target learners were Entry Level 1 students who mostly migrated from outside UK to work/live in London. They were all adults; some students require further assistance to deal with certain learning difficulties. There were a total of 10++ students grouped in three to four groups.

For our teaching session, we focused on noun + noun collocation set within using the Tube as the main context for several reasons: the students would have used the Tube (the underground train) before and they will have encountered various warning signs and notices in the train and within/around Tube stations.

In addition, knowledge of these signs and notices are vital to ensuring one can use these facilities safely and effectively, plus it is easier to teach them something that they have encountered in real life.  

REQUIRED MATERIALS (all files are downloadable at the next section)

  1. Lesson plan – details all the necessary steps. It is recommended that one starts here first.
  2. Youtube video on the Tube (click here) – this video shows various signs that one will normally encounter when using the Tube. This video is very relevant for those who uses the Tube to commute in/around London.
  3. Worksheet for students  – to be completed by students while watching the video above.
  4. Cut up words for students  – this sheet of paper should be cut up, mixed randomly and placed within an envelope. To be distributed one envelope to each group to encourage collaboration and active listening.
  5. Worksheet with answers – for instructor’s reference.
  6. Our teaching reflection  – after we conducted the teaching session.





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