After A Lesson – Obtaining Feedback From Learners

One of the most beneficial thing that a teacher should and can do after delivering a lesson is obtaining feedback from the learners on how well she/he did in the classroom. In education, it is sometimes necessary for teachers to treat learners as consumers who provide feedback on the quality of their product (teaching technique and material).


By doing this, a teacher is able to achieve several things:

  1. Check for learners’ understanding;
  2. Find out what difficulties the learners’ might have;
  3. Re-assess the lesson plan, material and execution flow.


The most notable benefit that a teacher can gain from this is continuous quality improvement; no teacher can be truly confident that he/she has done well for every lesson without honest feedback from those who received the lesson – just like how an effective teacher would not recycle and reuse the same lesson plan, technique or material among different classes or learners. By adding learners’ feedback to a reflection session, a teacher will always be motivated to improve and diversify his/her existing teaching repertoire.


There are several ways a teacher can do this – by getting oral feedback or asking students to write down their feelings and feedback for that extra privacy. 


On this page, I have attached a sample feedback form (in English and Malay) that learners can fill out after a lesson.  It is recommended that learners be allowed 15 minutes after a lesson has ended to enable them to answer the form more effectively. The form may be re-used or modified without prior permission; just ensure credit is given where due. I used a similar form provided by my trainer early this year for a lesson observation.





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